Delray Beach Boxing Event

It’s not just a boxing match.
It’s an event.

Take a look at the creative we generated for the team at Delray Beach Boxing. It was generated to not only promote September 15th’s big fight but to generate traffic in the bar. It also was designed to help grow overall brand awareness of what this unique venue is all about.

We started with the must have’s : Date, Time, Offering.
Then we jumped into researching vintage posters and tickets to generate a look and feel that was ownable to this venue. After all, anyone can put a fight on TV behind their bar, but DBB is more than that. It’s about the experience they offer members and guests that choose to watch the fight with them. Then we got to work, promoting the event on various platforms from social channels to printed posters within their space.

Whether you are into boxing or not, this vintage approach is bound to peak your interest.

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