Who We Are

our small team and loyal network of creative conspirators make our work possible.
and also really, really, ridiculously fun.


owner + principal

Courtney is a guru of branding in all its forms from print to the built space. With over 15 years of experience bringing leading brand solutions to clients from coast to coast, Courtney is a big fan of telling it like it is when it comes to brand strategy. She delivers stand-out creative that not only builds on your dreams, but delivers the results you need to continue to climb as a top-notch brand in your industry.

If you are looking for a straight shooter with an eye for the creative and a passion for delivering unique solutions tailored to you, you’ve got the right fit!


director of built environments

Neal is the end all be all of workplace and built environments, just consider him your right hand man. From day one, he will work with you to bring your brand to life in your physical space. From cultural assessments, to branded spaces to custom furniture and millwork solutions he makes your space a place worth talking about. A place that inspires, engages and attracts your target market while remaining on brand and on budget.

Sound interesting? Check out thebuiltbrand.com where we tell a little bit more of the story.


creative director

Whitney came up into the agency world as a writer and content producer. After years of building websites, videos, and commercials with freelance teams, her industry experience has made her an extremely efficient creative director. Knowing how to build creative that fits the dream, the brand story, and the budget can only be achieved by understanding how the pieces fit together, and she’s got that covered.

With an eye for the story and a heart for brand strategy, Whitney’s energy and enthusiasm bring incredible spark to all of her projects.


social + brand guru

In the recipe for design, Katie knows that people are the key ingredient. Her ability to speak the peoples’ language; to the latest trends and behaviors and to develop tailored solutions make her our guru of both brand and social. With this, Katie brings to life compelling experiences for your audience and your brand.

When you pair her passion for people, love of design and attention to detail you get someone who will work hard to make sure your vision becomes a reality.



With an eye for design and a love for all things creative, Sam joined the Campbell Creative team as a print and environmental designer. Sam strives to inspire with her creative, always looking for a unique solution that makes your brand shine. With a diverse background, Sam thrives on constantly developing her skill set – no matter what form of branding your looking for. Her keen eye for detail and a passion for collaborating guarantees that she’ll deliver the outstanding creative your brand needs to succeed and that you will have fun along the way.


web developer + designer

With over 10 years of experience, Phil is an absolute wiz when it comes to bringing your brand to life on the web. As a designer and a developer, he is a wonderful collaborator, providing timely, insightful feedback to find the best solution for any project from start to finish.

With a love for a good challenge and a passion for finding a solution, Phil is not only an excellent developer but one that bringing you user-friendly solutions that are on time, on brand and on budget.


office manager

With a background in hospitality, fashion and the occasional OCD-ness, Bonnie came to Campbell Creative to round out our office by keeping us all in line. Her attention to detail and creativeness helps us stay on track and manage our daily lives. In a world of ever changing problems, Bonnie helps us come up with a solutions for all our clients needs at the drop of a hat.


project manager

Lauren comes to our team with a wide range of tools for solving all the problems, meeting all the deadlines, and dreaming up all the solutions to turn our creative dreams into reality. In our little world of makers, she is our doer. In short, she really knows how to get stuff done.

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